EUNORAU 48V14Ah/17Ah SPECTER-S/SPECTER-ST Replace & Upgrade battery

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This battery from EUNORAU has the same SAMSUNG 35E cells that the original battery comes with on a SPECTER-S/SPECTER-ST. Use the 17.5 ah battery to extend your range and change the riding experience.

Model No SSE-103
Max Cell Space 18650 65pcs
Material Aluminum 6061/PC+ABS
Cell Brand Samsung
Cell Code 18650
Chemistry Li-ion
Voltage 48V
Rate 672WH/816WH
Capacity 14AH/17AH
Storage Temp -20-40℃
Configuration 13S4P/13S5P
Charge Voltage Limit 54.6V
Charging port Dual-DC2.1 port
Continuous Discharge Current 20A
10 min Discharge Current 35A
5sec Discharge Current 45A
Operate Temp. Charge 0-45℃
Operate Temp. Discharge -20-60℃
Cycle Life 500 Times