The Upgrade Kit

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The Upgrade kit comes with 4 inexpensive items that we consider to be essential to taking you're Ebike experience up a notch.

1. Memory foam saddle: This thing is super comfortable and everyone that has one loves it.

2. Ergonomic Handle bar grips. Ride your bike downhill for a long ways with normal grips and you'll see why these are so valuable. These take the pressure off you're palms and making it more enjoyable to ride.

3. The Rhinowalk Handle bar bag. This seems to be the perfect sized bag, big enough to stash everything you need with out loading you down. We like to keep a full allen set, a couple screw drivers and tire repair kit in here with plenty of room to spare. The elastic band on the front is a perfect place to stash a light weight windbreaker.

4. A cable lock. Obviously invaluable for protecting your investment, lock your bike to a tree or through the wheel to the frame. Not having to worry about your bike helps you stay focused in the field.